Announcing my Candidacy

Sioux Falls-February 7th 2018, Tyler Swanger a Sioux Falls resident and member of the Republican party has announced his candidacy for District 14 State Senate

Tyler Swanger was born in Sioux City and spent his early childhood growing up in North Sioux City, South Dakota. He’s not just a brother but a true role model to his siblings (Emily, Alex and Madison). Tyler was an early-leader both in his family and among his peers. He was born of strong Christian faith and was one of the youngest delegates for the Northwest Iowa Lutheran Synagogue.

Tyler was later a graduate of Lincoln High School; followed by the pursuit of an education in business at Southeast Technical Institute.

He is currently one of the top, award-winning, salesman at Vern Eide Honda. Tyler is a proud homeowner in Southeast Sioux Falls where he resides with his fiancé, Sabrina. In December 2017, Tyler was blessed and became the proud father to Tucker Scott.

Tyler is passionate about family values and the core-beliefs of his constituents. In 2016, Tyler ran for State Senate against Deb Soholt and had admirable success among voters. He’s the proud fiancé to an Army Reservist and son of an Air Force Veteran.

Tyler’s hobbies involve anything related to cars and family. He has been an active participant in the Great Plains Street Rodders for eight (8) years. It’s not uncommon to see him accompanying his greatest supporters (parents Scott and Cindy Newman and siblings Emily Swanger and Alex Newman) for the Sunday morning service at Gloria Dei. He’s passionate about his commitments to philanthropic organizations such as Big Brother/Big Sister. Tyler has spent the past seven (7) years learning from and loving his responsibility with his ‘Little Brother.’

Tyler is also the Chairman of the Vern Eide Gives program. This program intentionally and actively supports the Sioux Falls community through a variety of privately funded services. Through this program and Tyler’s leadership, more than 110 families were provided Christmas presents. When asked why this program is so important to Tyler he said, “This program, along with so many other local programs, are the reason Sioux Falls is such a wonderful place to live. This is, in part, why I want to represent not only Sioux Falls, but South Dakota. South Dakotans are passionate about coming together and taking care of our neighbors. Vern Eide Gives, along with so many other wonderful, local non-profits – and individuals – provide families in our community with food, clothing, warmth, financial assistance and most of all faith and hope. It is this partnership and will or desire – to give and provide – that makes this community and state such a wonderful place to live. Nowhere else in the country will you find people that take such a vested interest and personal responsibility for taking care of – not just family, but friends, neighbors and most importantly strangers. Vern Eide Gives and Big Brother give me the chance to provide hope, inspiration and a piece of myself to our community.”